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I began my career in the Asia performance aftermarket in 2006 when I joined a leading US performance product manufacturer heading up their global sourcing and supply chain efforts.  My role eventually expanded to include Asia business development and finally General Manager over their Asia operations.  During this process, I recognized there was a strong demand for quality aftermarket products, but a much different approach was needed for the emerging Asia market than what a US based component manufacturer could provide. Success in Asia would require in depth knowledge of the various market segments, broad access to a variety of different products, a product line up geared toward Japanese and European vehicles and a willingness to provide a greater level of support to customers still in the process of developing their knowledge base.

In 2012, I chose to take the bold step of leaving the security of a corporate environment to start Quandarium Associates LLC, a company dedicated to serving the rapidly growing Asia performance aftermarket.  Today, we provide customized services to a broad range of clients in the US and Asia providing them with the necessary information to create a successful strategy as well as the resources necessary to execute their strategy.

In addition, Quandarium Associates runs the Asia Motorsports Network (AMN) and a distribution business, QA Motorsports.  AMN's mission is to bring US and European awareness to the emerging Motorsports opportunities in Asia and assist series, race teams and individuals in promoting themselves to potential sponsors.  AMN also host the most comprehensive online calendar of Motorsports and Performance Aftermarket events in Asia.

On the distribution side, QA Motorsports specializes in providing all types of performance and OE replacement parts exclusively to small / medium sizes tuning shops, dealers and race teams in Asia direct from our Hong Kong warehouse.  Through direct relationships with many of the US and European top performance aftermarket companies and various wholesale agreements QA Motorsports is able to provide an unmatched product offering specific to the most common vehicles in Asia.  While some our customers have direct access to a few brands or product lines, their overall success depends our ability to provide them with affordable access to all the products required by their customers.

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